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I first played golf when I was five years old - my mum found an old photograph of me and my dad when we were on holiday in Barleycove (Co. Cork). After a life of on-off golf I became more committed in 2007, when my idea for 'Hooked: An Amateur's Guide to the Golf Courses of Ireland' came to fruition. I took many photographs during my Irish golf course tour but I used a small, cheap camera and the images were useful only for reference purposes... which was the point, after all.

I've loved photography almost as long as I've loved golf and, post-Hooked, I started taking 'proper' shots of golf courses near where I lived. One club offered to buy my shots... and so a new career was born. Today, I have more camera equipment than I have golf equipment - which is saying something - and I never travel anywhere without a camera to hand. You just never know when the light will be perfect and that flag will flap perfectly in the breeze. If you're out playing a game and you spot a man with a camera up a ladder it's probably me. Come say hello.


I am based in Co. Wexford/Co. Wicklow but travel nationally and internationally. If you want any further information, or help choosing or finding a print, please contact me at [email protected].

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